Dress to Impress: A guide to interview apparel (India)

Source: dollarphotoclub

Source: dollarphotoclub

Struggling to decide on an outfit for your upcoming job interview? What you wear to an interview creates an image or perception of the type of person you are, so choosing your attire is critical to present yourself as the right candidate to hire.

An interview is your doorway to a good job. It is essential that you create an impression in the interview. Every individual tries his best to revise his knowledge and improve his speaking skills so that he can get through a job interview. The number of people who understand the impact of their outfit and body language on the interviewer are very few. Selecting an apt outfit can help you bag the job you wish. You need to dress well to get the job. There are a few individuals who clear job interviews because of their persona, dressing style and confidence. Interviewers tend to overlook the lack of knowledge or minor flaws in the resume if the attire and persona have a lasting impact.

There is no need to say how important is to make a good first impression on the interviewers with the dress code and attitude we carry. Scroll down to check out formal dress codes for women & men along with some tips and tricks.

1. Formal Dress code for Men

Source: venusbuzz

Source: venusbuzz

Men can wear plain light colored formal shirt and a tie. Trouser should be plain and of dark shade. In winters, wear a conservative suits or blazers of solid color. The tie should be simple, conservative and not too flashy. It should match the color of shirt or suit. Shirt should be tucked in and shoes should be well polished. Hair style should be professional and clean. Always avoid wearing jeans and t-shirts for an interview.

Always use comfortable cotton cloths and get it cleaned, washed and pressed ready a day before an interview. Never wear sneakers, noisy shoes or very high heels boots for an interview. Always wear a smile on the face along with your stylish professional attire.

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2. Formal Dress code for Women

Source: dollyfashion

Source: dollyfashion

In India, women are often confused when it comes to dressing for an interview. It’s hard for them to decide whether to opt for western outfits or the traditional Indian formals. Since most of the companies hiring in India allow both of them you can choose the style of dressing in which you will feel comfortable for an interview. If you go for an Indian formals avoid low cut necklines. Prefer light pastel shades.

When choosing Western formals you can wear plain light colored blouse with formal trouser or skirt of conservative length, up to the knee. Prefer dark shades for the trouser. Always avoid too much of makeup and wear simple jewelry! Wear low heels so that you feel comfortable.

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3. Fabric & Color

Source: wisestep

Source: wisestep

Look for shirts made of 100% cotton. Cotton is a natural fiber that breathes which means you will be more comfortable, you will perspire less and the fabric will travel well. Look for suit jackets that are fully lined and pants that are lined to the knee. Lining increases comfort and reduces wrinkling.

The usual formal dressing guidelines tell you that you do not wear flashy colors. It is always better to select subtle shades like white, light blue, cream and light green for the interview. Make sure you select a color that suits your age, gender and complexion. If you are travelling to an interview by train or bus, it is always wise to avoid white as it gets soiled very fast. If you are planning to give an interview at a far off location, it is wiser to change after reaching the venue. Freshen up before you go for the interview. You may even wear a jacket to prevent light shades from getting soiled.

4. The Accessories

Source: basandlooks

Source: basandlooks

Apart from your outfit, there are some accessories that reveal your traits. It is always a good idea to wear a watch as it shows you are time conscious. Carry tissues or handkerchiefs along with you. Carrying a pen is always a good habit though very few people today actually need to use the pen. If you have a business card, carry it along with you as you never know where you get to make contacts. When coordinating colors, remember, leather to leather and metal to metal. The leather belts should match your shoes and the color of your belt buckle with your watch.

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That’s all for now folks! Stay confident, appear smart and your career will climb the success ladder easily 🙂

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