Gladiators – A Roman Vogue


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This style has its root, deep in the history. In Roman era these sandals were worn because they were aggressive, flexible, durable and provide great support over a traditional sandal. Now, in modern period of time the styles may have changed but the concepts have not.Who would have thought that attire for a warrior would later set the newest, most popular fashion trend? This gives a lady an edge in her look! Gladiator Sandals define strength & power which will never go out of style and fashion!

These Roman sandals look best when paired with a long leg and reasonably womanly fashions. When paired with more masculine apparel, these sandals can tend to create a mannish appearance, which some women find unsuitable or undesirable. But yet this style is overwhelmingly breathtaking!

  •  The Gladiator sandal is back, and it’s here to stay. You’ll spot it everywhere now!


What can you say about this Gladiator footwear – wearable art or too fancy to wear? They come in all shapes & sizes. Short ankle length, Knee high, open laced, sexy heeled ones, buckles and studs, loops & many more! Check out more amazing “Gladiator sandals” on! Click on the below link to get immersed in the wide range of Roman Sandals.



1529943_729578453748634_290984502_oGo a little experimental with your everyday casuals. Shop your choice of pair right from the galore of gladiator sandals for women.
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  •  Spotted: The fashionista Alia Bhatt wearing a pair of Gladiator Sandals!


    Courtesy: Sushmita Dutta

    Alia Bhatt was spotted in Indore promoting her movie with blue Top Shop dress & knee length Gladiator sandals from Stuart Weitzman! Undoubtedly she  is one of the cutest and very talented actress in the Bollywood Industry.  She knows how to look Gorgeous in Simple Makeup with the right combo to mix styles!

07/02/2015 – Harshith PriceIQ

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  1. sukriti mittal says:

    What a great way to express Roman’s fashion..!!
    Expecting alot more fashion posts from PriceIQ.
    Thumbs up!

  2. Rakshita says:

    Cool write up! Long legs deserve this.

    • Harshith Das says:

      Thank you.
      There are numberless styles in it! Every beautiful woman deserves this.
      Stay connected and have fun.

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