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Source: aliexpress

Source: aliexpress

As we all know Sunglasses are a form of protective eyewear designed primarily to prevent bright sunlight and high-energy visible light from damaging or discomforting the eyes. Not only do they protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they can also be the perfect addition to complete your outfit.

Sunglasses have long been associated with celebrities and film actors primarily from a desire to mask their identity. Sunglasses have now become one of the most common accessories seen today. We could even say it’s become a signature piece & trendiest accessory of 2015.

Whether you are traveling the world or having a weekend party with your friends, sunglasses will always play an invaluable part in your style upgrades.

We have compiled the 5 hottest men’s sunglasses for all you fashion savvy gents out there.

1. Wayfarer Sunglasses

Source: dhgate

Source: dhgate

Wayfarers enjoyed early popularity in the 1950s and 1960s. Though the sunglasses had faded from the limelight by the 1970s, a cost effective 1982 product placement deal brought Wayfarers to their height of popularity. Since the mid-2000s, the sunglasses have been enjoying betterment. This retro look is usually accompanied with a faintly coloured rim or lens, and perfectly suits any casual wear or spring/summer getup.

The great news is that today they are very much in fashion and there are a huge variety of colors, frame sizes and variations so you should have no problem finding the perfect pair for you. Amazon India will be your savior!

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2. Aviator Sunglasses

Source: mensxp

Source: mensxp

Aviator sunglasses are a style of sunglasses that were developed by Bausch & Lomb. The original Bausch & Lomb design is now marketed as Ray-Ban Aviators, although other manufacturers also produce aviator style sunglasses. They are characterized by dark, often reflective lenses having an area two or three times the area of the eyeball, and very thin metal frames with double or triple bridge.

Make sure that you find a pair that frames your face well; they should not stick out too far from the sides and should not push down on your cheeks. There is an exclusive collection on Lenskart.

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3. Mirrored Sunglasses

Source: myntassets

Source: myntassets

Mirrored sunglasses have a reflective optical coating on the outside of the lenses to make them appear like small mirrors. The lenses typically give the wearer’s vision a brown or grey tint. The mirror coating decreases the amount of light passing through the tinted lens by a further 10–60%, making it especially useful for conditions of sand, water, snow, and higher altitudes!

Specialty of mirrored sunglasses is they are so reflective that those around you can use it as a moving mirror. What we love most about this style is how brilliant they look when they are photographed – It is attention grabbing & enhances your style charisma in you. Flipkart brings you some amazing deals for reflective/mirrored sunglasses

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4. Round frame Sunglasses

Source: shopify

Source: shopify

Round eyewear is characterized by curved frames that are equally wide and tall. Round frames soften angular faces, with perfectly circular shapes conveying a vintage look.

Round sunglasses are particularly flattering on those with heart, square and oval shaped faces. Those with round faces can still adopt the trend by picking angular frames with round lenses. For a modern appeal, go for reflective lenses that look less retro.

Jabong has some great collection of round frame sunglasses which suits everyone who likes to flaunt their looks!

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5. The Club-master Sunglasses

Source: pinterest

Source: pinterest

These sunglasses are a variation on the Wayfarer, the Clubmaster has a trimmed down frame and more accents which make more of a statement than the Wayfarer. According to experts getting the Clubmaster in a tortoise shell frame has a greater effect on their looks. The pattern can be overwhelming with some other frames but with the additions of the metal accents it is very subtle and style gets upgraded.

If you’re the dude who keeps it fresh by paying attention to the details, this is the pair for you. These shades work very well with any outfit, especially if you roll up the cuffs on your pants and/or sleeves. Rock these and you’ll be on the way to turning heads wherever you hit the pavement.

Amazon India has a huge collection for you to choose from different styles.

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