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Motorcycle jackets are a critical part of your riding gear. Most people buy the jacket right after they have purchased their helmet and gloves. We made a list of the cheapest motorcycle jackets in the country recently but that’s just half the story. Here is how you pick a motorcycle jacket that will look good, be comfortable enough to use all the time and protect your skin when it’s time to fall off the bike.
Safety & Convenience are the two main factors which really matters a biker when buying a jacket for his adventurous rides!

  • Safety
    This is the primary reason to wear a motorcycle jacket. It is meant to keep the blood and flesh inside the skin more than it is meant to protect you from the heat, cold or rain. So ideally, you want as much protection as possible. But the more bulky a jacket gets, the harder it becomes to live with because at some point you’re going to have to take it off and cart it around or try to shove it into a bag. Most motorcycle jackets have at least reflective piping, or thin strips of reflective material along seams. These light up and shine very brightly when light falls on them.

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If the jacket doesn’t have reflectors, you can do something about it. It’s not hard to find reflective materials online. Get them to make your arm straps that you can wear on your arms or legs to add to your visibility.  You can buy this at Amazon India –

  • Convenience
    Source: riotengine

    Source: riotengine

    Next thing to consider is convenience. This is important because if the jacket isn’t convenient, then chances are; you will simply not use it! The biggest issue with riding in India is that our weather is not always great for riding and varies a lot. Bengaluru, that way, is easy to ride in because it is always cool and clear. And sometimes it rains as well. This means a mesh jacket and a rain-suit is usually enough to get you through the year.

  • Top picks for Indian Bikers

                                             1) Spartan Pro Gear Atlas

    Source: spartanprogear

    Source: spartanprogear

    This is a Cordura riding jacket with mesh panels that run along the sides of the jacket from waist to armpit and then down the inside of the arm to the cuff. It gets a rain liner, a CE-rated armour set for the elbow and shoulder though it appears to use a lower-spec dual density foam for the back protector.
    This Jacket is available on Spartanprogear –

                                                      2. DSG Nylon/600 Denier Triton

    Source: Amazon

    Source: Amazon

    This is a jacket that is a mesh shell (as in base of the jacket) with Cordura (abrasion resistant material) across the high impact areas – like the outside of the arm, around the shoulders and most of the back. It has a removable back protector which is not CE approved like the armor at the shoulders and the elbows. Two pockets outside, one inside and that’s it. This is a simple, straightforward kit.
    You can buy this on
    Amazon India

                                                         3. Zeus ONDRCKS127 Arion Mesh

    Source: Amazon

    Source: Amazon

    This is a mesh and Cordura jacket that sounds extremely promising because it has mesh for warm weather, Cordura for the impact areas and a warm liner as well as a rain liner in the spec. All the armor is CE-rated; it has got reflectors in the piping and sleeve adjusters at the forearm as well as the bicep. This is a good spec.

    Available on Amazon India –

                                               4. Cramster Breezer Mesh 4S

    Source: Cramster

    Source: Cramster

    This is a Cordura jacket like the Breezer, the 4S looks fresher and has the same great spec. It has mesh for warm weather and It gets a rain liner for the protection. It has got reflectors in the piping and sleeve adjusters. Buy this comfortable jacket for long rides in monsoon season without getting drenched!

    Avaialble only on Cramster

                                                                      5. DSG Nero

    Source: planetdsg

    Source: planetdsg

    This is a basic riding jacket that is made of “reinforced nylon” and 600 Denier Cordura. It gets four external pockets of which two are waterproof and two more internal waterproof pockets. It gets a “water resistant” inner lining and a removable lining for cold conditions. There are some reflective materials on it as well as CE approved armor in the back, elbow and shoulder.

    Buy this on PlanetDSG

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