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The only time you welcome sweat is during a workout. Many men wear the wrong deodorant without understanding the consequences. Finding the best deodorant for men involves more than grabbing it from the shelf and hoping for the best. It requires patience, perseverance & extensive testing.

A good fragrance not only gives aroma but it enhances the self-confidence of the men while interacting with others. Before selecting a good deodorant you should know which is good for you without any side effects like skin darkening and irritation. Those who smell good do attract a lot of people towards them. Deodorants are a great way of staying fresh and also to maintain a good fragrance around you.

Now eliminate stink and sweat with the right underarm products which are featured below. This top 5 listing of Best Men’s Deodorant will surely help you out in battling with sweat! Buy it from trusted online retailers directly from this post!


Fogg now enjoys the No 1 position in Deodorant segment with its sensational ads and appealing fragrances. This is one of the Best Men’s Deodorants in India. Fogg black collection combo is a hot selling one in most leading online stores.

It is designed specifically for Indian weather & needs. All these ensure masculine fragrance that will surely get you noticed. Fogg perfumes are all perfume, no spray. Enjoy long lasting aroma and it keeps you pepped up all day long.

This is perfect for gifting purposes and a perfect match for working people who need heavy duty fragrance. You can choose any fogg which is Ideal for all occasions.

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2. Park Avenue
PAS3-397769385387390391Park Avenue is one of the biggest brands in the cosmetic industry. These deodorants are one among the Best Selling Men’s Deodorants in India. Perfumes and deodorants from Park Avenue are highly famous. They offer variety range of fragrances in deodorants for men. Park Avenue was influenced by an elite, high street in Manhattan and is one of the most prestigious brands in the world.

Most of them are long lasting and leaves you fresh from morning to evening even in hot climates. Go and choose your favorite edition and spread the wonder around you.

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3. AXE
58768603390802260538625569502015694179369812858721268346AxeAll13612645741379156174138188897013820995691388840090139064982913921314721394541915139498998014001735831401267159_1414869921In advertising world, Axe is the magical fragrance which has been helping guys to meet girls and in reality, it is seductive and impressive! Since its launch in 1999, it has been the largest selling deodorant in India. Axe is the fragrance brand from the house of the reputed Unilever Inc. Helping men to smell their best and flaunt their masculinity; Axe fragrances are cool, hip and suave!

Most of them feel an increased confidence after using these wonder deodorants during their meetings. It will keep you fresh and smart from morning to evening. Axe products are coming in affordable price range. Deodorants cost less than Rs. 250 per bottle. This is the largest selling male deodorant in India.

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4. Wild Stone
Wild stone brand is one of the India’s leading male grooming brands producing perfumes, deodorants and shaving products. This is one of the Best Selling Men’s Deodorants in India. It is one among the top deodorant brands in India. 

They continuously offer variety of fragrances to the Indian youths which are always welcomed perfectly. Price range of these deodorants will vary from Rs. 101-200. Most popular editions are – Aqua fresh, Ultra sensual, Hydra energy, Red, Smoke and many more!

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5. Nivea
NIVEA381382383384793794_1411476950Nivea is a world famous skin and body care brand for men and women. They offer you Best Men’s Deodorant in India. The company was founded in 1882 in Germany. Nivea products are highly quality assured and being used worldwide with trust.

Nivea is one such brand that creates mesmerizing fragrances in shape of deodorants. The application of these fragrances help you get rid of bad body odor. Nivea deodorants cost less than Rs. 250 per each bottle. These products never cause skin darkening or irritation in most of the users as it is produced with high quality stuff. Fresh active, Cool kick, Silver protect are the major renowned editions.

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