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Predominantly, we have been bathing with soap and water. It is only recently that body washes have been introduced in India. There are some amazing body washes out there but when it comes to ease of use and convenience, nothing beats the soap. Some of them tend to be drying because in a bid to clean the skin, they also strip the skin of many of its oils. But there are also many moisturizing soaps that leave your skin baby soft.

Dry skin is a problem that plagues many of us. Lot of people use a body lotion and also drink lots of water to keep their system hydrated. Many of us forget to apply a body lotion in a rush and it can lead to itchy and scaly skin. There is a single solution – switch to a soap that is made for dry skin. These soaps don’t dry you out but actually end up moisturizing your skin. That way, even if you forget your body lotion on a busy day, your skin is still hydrated and supple.

These soaps can be glycerin based or have a rich creamy base of Shea or cocoa butter or oils like coconut, olive or almond. Most handmade soaps are enriched with essential oils which not just smell great but are also amazing on the skin. Scroll down to see the best soaps for dry skin in India.

1. Dove Cream Beauty Bar
imported_8000700000005The Dove Cream Beauty Bar is enriched with 1/4th moisturizing milk and is one of the most popular soaps among women with dry skin. It moisturizes hydrates and cleans your skin without drying it out. It replenishes the skin moisture and leaves you smelling delicately fresh. You will feel the difference while bathing with Dove. The skin will seem slippery even after the bath. It leaves behind a mild aroma. Besides adding the accurate amount of moisture to your skin, this Bathing Bar will cleanse your skin in the most unique way. Additionally, this Cream Beauty Bathing Bar will give you that long lasting freshness and you will feel fresh and active throughout the day. You can experience that creamy lather with this Dove Cream Bathing Bar. If you have dry skin, you are the perfect candidate for this Dove Bathing Bar.

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2. Pears Pure and Gentle Bar
Pears-Transparent-Soap-3696Pamper your skin with this pure and gentle soap bar from Pears. Made with the goodness of natural oils and pure glycerin, this soap bar moisturizes your skin and gives it a soft and supple feel. The soft lather and mild fragrance makes this soap bar ideal for everyone. Its formulation reaches deep into the skin pores and nourishes the skin. The soap bar features excellent cleansing properties that eliminate dirt and skin impurities, thus giving you a radiant looking skin. This soap also retains the natural oil of your skin to not leave it dry after a bath.

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3. Fiama Di Wills Mild Dew Bathing Bar
fiama-di-wills-125-bathing-bar-1100x1100-imae7jtfsgw8mztcDive into a luxurious bathing experience with Fiama Di Wills Mild Dew Gel Bathing Bar – handcrafted using ITC’s revolutionary Liquid Freezing Technology which freezes gel into a bar. Mild Dew combines exotic natural extracts of Peach and Avocado with the goodness of skin conditioners, giving you soft, moisturized and youthful skin round the clock with a fragrance that lasts all day long. he bathing bar, which is also an excellent oil free moisturizer, is also loaded with antioxidants and contains natural extracts of seaweed and lemon grass, along with the refreshing richness of peaches and avocados, thus keeping you smelling awesome and generating a lasting impact, wherever you go. The Fiama Di Wills Bathing Bar is equipped with skin conditioners and a smart moisture lock that leaves the skin smooth and soft to every touch.

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4. Nivea Creme Soap
nivea-creme-soap-1100x1100-imadyh5hmyaftgezDiscover the feeling of soft skin: Crème Soft with rich almond oil and a mild scent gently cleanses and nourishes your skin. This crème soap with rich almond oil gives creamy soft foam which gently cleanses and cares for your skin, protecting it from drying out. The Nivea crème Soap for Dry Skin produces a rich smooth lather with warm water, giving you the feel of a luxurious bath. Its gentle aroma is very soothing and refreshing. This Nivea crème Soap for dry skin maintains the oil balance on the skin and rejuvenates it to give you beautiful looking skin in any season. For enhanced beauty benefits, use this soap along with Nivea moisturizers for enhanced beauty benefits.

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5. Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap Bitter Orange & Cinnamon
81UHBrvGhsL._SL1500_Redefining freshness, this soap from Forest Essentials works up a rich lather and cleanse your skin of impurities. Luxury Sugar Soap Bitter Orange & Cinnamon is enriched with herbs that make it 100 percent natural. Your skin will be soft and supple with a regular use of this soap that moisturizes it all through the day. Bathing with this soap tones your skin and closes the pores. This soap relieves stress and leaves you energized. Having anti-oxidant properties and acting as a natural preservative, this soap from Forest Essentials prevents damage of skin cells. Giving you a glowing and an even skin tone, this soap bar brightens your dull skin.

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So, do try anyone of these bathing soaps for instant rejuvenation and relaxation. Don’t forget to share your experience with us! 🙂

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