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Family-Shot-Transparent-Background1-1940x1067It is often being said, the way you dress, the way you will be addressed. So it doesn’t come as a surprise to know what impact that first impression makes when you meet someone. It is also being said that “your clothing accessories will speak long before you do.” The way you dress speaks a lot about you. Your clothing could be talking softly, or it could be talking very loudly.

Your wardrobe communicates trust, wisdom, status and wealth. Clothing can communicate your position in the company and it also communicates what your attention to detail is, or your lack of attention. With the increasing fashion trends in the global scenario Indian men are also becoming increasingly stylish. India is home to numerous top men clothing accessories brands that are both domestic and international. Till a few years back the international men belts brands did not think India to be a very prospective market. But over the years with the increase in the fashion consciousness among men in India forced the top international men belts and accessories brands to step into India.

We have made a precise list of best-selling belts which are highly recommended based on most popular choices people are making while selecting one for them and can be trusted by you as well.

Here is the list of best-selling Belts in India which could help you with your selection process.

1. Laurels Invaders Brown Genuine Leather belt
61vSHOwPUIL._SL1200_Laurels Invaders Brown Genuine Leather belt is 119.4 Centimeters in length which is very comfortable for all kinds of people having their waist sizes from S to XXL. This belt has a premium finish and quality which weighs only 320 grams. The material of the belt is genuine leather with metallic straps for the buckles. This belt has the 6 month manufacture warranty when you buy this on Amazon India!

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2. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ribbon Inlay Belt
91Cvmk2WeFL._UL1500_Tommy Hilfiger Ribbon Inlay Brown Leather Blue Belt is very premium when it comes to styling and quality. This classic Tommy piece will be sure to add a preppy edge to your look. Thin men’s leather belt with Tommy branded rib-boning will allow you to flaunt your wicked style where ever you go. This belt has a golden brown buckle which suits the belt color and becomes the good contrast for all the clothes you wear. This belt is for those who enhance their fashion statement with each and every detail they wear.

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3. Levi’s Men’s Black Genuine Leather Belt
81ZhPNQ9TeS._UL1500_Levi’s Men’s leather belt has an Antique Nickel Buckle. The belt looks very stylish with premium touch for its buckle as well as the soft waxed leather and burnished edges. Snap closure makes it easy to remove plaque and change out buckle if desired. This product is manufactured in Guatemala with the best quality components. You can select the sizes from 32” to 42”. Very attractive deals and offers for you to buy online exclusively at Flipkart.

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4. Allen Solly Brown Daily Wear Belt
Be the stylish diva of the fashion world by sporting this brown daily wear belt from the renowned hub of Allen Solly. Crafted to perfection with first grade material this belt is durable and is sure to be your companion for years to come. Having a decent design, it will surely match your style standards. You can wear them comfortably all day long, owing to its light in weight make. Not only is this belt perfect for your personal use but make an equally good gifting option.

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5. Cross Men’s Leather Black Belt
Cross Men’s leather belt has a Cut-to-Fit Style (Adjust as per your waist size) which is very comfortable as it’s a free size belt which fits every individual. This belt is very well built; leather is genuine and has a premium finish. Buckle looks very nice with matt black finish. This belt comes with black metallic straps for the buckles. When you wear this belt you will definitely look stylish and make you look so different from the league.

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  18/01/2016 – Harshith PriceIQ


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